Bah humBUG! Holiday travelers outnumbered by insects: Study - Metro US

Bah humBUG! Holiday travelers outnumbered by insects: Study

We're envisioning the insect version of Hitchcock's "The Birds."

While you were working…

CNN’s Tom Foreman ran into Santa (or so he wrote in his column for Metro).

Saddam Hussein’s daughter said Trumphas “political sensibility.”

Scientists discovered a prehistoric bird fossil near the North Pole, which was “probably as warm as parts of Florida” back in the day.

Holiday travel can be crazy, but a new study said there are more bugs in the air than humans during the holidays.

The largest volcanic eruption in European history occurred in 1538 and the supervolcano responsible is rumbling again, according to scientists.

A Colorado man asked a judge to be re-released from prison. Turns out, he was accidentally released 90 years early and incarcerated again when the error was discovered, but he said he became a new man during his time out.

It might not be almost summer, but it’s almost Friday.

Ikea settled with families whose toddlers were killed after being pinned by the Sweden-based company’s furniture.

Ivanka Trump might want to hitch a ride with her father. Flying commercial isn’t working out for her.

A New Jersey man wrote an apology note after allegedly getting criminally hand-sy with a female passenger.

The widow of one of the Boston Marathon bombers was not happy with how Mark Wahlberg’s film, “Patriots Day,” portrayed her, her lawyer said.

Accepting her 3-year-old transgender child made all the difference for this Brooklyn woman.

Echoing his statements during his campaign, Trump called for expanded nuclear arms capability.

‘Tis the season for a spike in mysterious deaths, according to this report.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security cancelled an inactive registry program for visitors from countries where extremist groups are operating, which is pretty much the opposite of what incoming-President Trump wants.

Investigators said theyfound fingerprints in the hijacked Berlin truck that match a suspect, but no arrests have been made yet.

The governor of Michigan said he has “no reason to be concerned” about charges in connection with the Flint drinking water crisis.

“Have a nice trip!” “See ya next fall!” Duke University basketballsuspended its star guard for tripping an opponent, not once, not twice, but thrice.

A player on Stanford’s football team bowed out of the Sun Bowl. So, what does this mean for the team and his replacement?

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