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Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Let’s welcome back the sun

Feeling the sunshine.
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I don’t about you, but these last two weeks of the funk, clouds, drizzle, rain and unseasonably cool temperatures zapped me of energy and overall happiness. Weather moods are quite common as the paucity of sunlight — along with extended periods of unsettled weather — can definitely bring you down and put you in what I call a deep weather funk.

On the other hand, a nice dose of vitamin D (sunshine) helps to boost one’s energy and spirits. Whether it’s psychological or physiological, we are all affected by the weather.

The reason for the extended period of the funk was due to what we call an atmospheric Omega block, which looks like an upside-down U in the atmosphere and locks in whatever type of weather is going on in a particular region.

If you’re lucky, you’re on the nice side of the block with days of sunshine. If you’re unlucky, you live in the funk for an extended period of time.

Unfortunately the Northeast was locked into the unsettled side of the block, as the atmosphere got cut-off from any type of movement, much like a clogged toilet. You need some sort of a kicker to move the block, in our case it was a very strong cool front that arrived Sunday afternoon (just in time for Mom’s Day) which relieved us of atmospheric constipation and allowed for the sunto return.

Looking ahead, New York and Boston will see a good amount of sunshine right through most of Thursday, although New York City could see some clouds spill in for a brief time on Tuesday.

Philadelphia, after some sunshine to start the day on Monday, you will see a return to clouds and a passing shower on Tuesday as a stalled front will oscillate over the region into Wednesday morning then clear out.

But before we start doing the happy dance, there are signs that the funk could return as we move into Friday and the upcoming weekend.

Here’s the local forecasts:

New York City

Monday: Wind-blown sunshine. High 71

Tuesday: Clouds creep in. High 65

Wednesday: Becoming sunny. High 68

Thursday: Sunshine, late clouds. High 69

Friday: Showers, then late drying. High 68

Saturday: Rain by afternoon. High 63

Sunday: Changeable skies, passing shower. High 63


Monday: Sunshine, mixing in with late afternoon clouds. Milder. High 71

Tuesday: Clouds return, a passing shower, cooler. High 63

Wednesday: Morning clouds, then sunshine returns, mild. High 75

Thursday: Sunshine, then late-day clouds. High 74

Friday: Showers through mid-day, then drying. High 71

Saturday: Rain arrives. High 64

Sunday: Sun in the morning then late shower, cooler. High 63


Monday: Wind-blown sun and clouds. High 62

Tuesday: Golden sunshine. High 68

Wednesday: Sun shines. High 65

Thursday: More sunshine. High 66

Friday: Late showers. High 65

Saturday: Showers by afternoon. High 62

Sunday: Showers, drizzle, fog, cool. High 56

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