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Boston restaurants, foods and brands that locals love

Lobster roll

Like the rest of New England, Boston is pretty particular when it comes to what locals enjoy eating.

Bostonians are typically stereotyped as a clam chowder guzzling, lobster roll-devouring bunch. But is that really the case? The popular food logging and weight loss app Lose It! decided to investigate what area eaters really like to see on their dinner plates.

The Boston-based app, which has been downloaded more than 30 million times, analyzed data from its 3 million monthly active users, and found that, yes, locals really do love their seafood. The top five foods logged in Boston include fan-favorites like lobsters, clams and iced coffee, plus a few vegetable surprises.

Top 5 foods

1.     Iced coffee

2.     Lobster

3.     Clams

4.     Eggplant

5.     Squash

As for where to grab a bite, Lose It! discovered that Bostonians have a thing for several chain eateries, ranging from deep-dish pizza purveyors Uno’s, to the frozen yogurt franchise Orange Leaf. Locals also apparently love the national grilled sandwich shop D’Angelo.

Area establishments weren’t completely shut out from the list, as Dedham-based pizza restaurant chain Papa Gino’s took the top spot, while Boston’s fast-casual spot b.good came in at No. 2.

Top 5 restaurants

1.     Papa Gino’s

2.     b.good

3.     D’Angelo

4.     Orange Leaf

5.     Uno’s

According to the app’s data, city dwellers are pretty loyal to certain food brands as well.

Everett’s Teddie peanut butter is apparently a must-have in Boston households, only slightly ahead of Cedar’s hummus and whatever’s being cooked up at the Joseph’s bakeries around town. Shockingly, the cult-like following behind Polar seltzer water didn’t propel the Worcester-based beverage company to No. 1, while Cape Cod potato chips barely snuck into the fifth spot.

Top 5 brands

1.     Teddie

2.     Joseph’s

3.     Cedar’s

4.     Polar

5.     Cape Cod