Trooper Pecjo, Zeva and the seized suitcases.

Massachusetts State Police

Authorities busted a California man accused of bringing 100 pounds of marijuana through Logan Airport on Wednesday evening.

State Troopers and DEA agents were tipped off by Randolph Police that a man flying into Boston from San Francisco was headed east with a large amount of pot.

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The taskforce waited in the terminal for the suspect, Trang Pham, 31, from San Jose, Calif.


After getting two warrants out of East Boston court, Trooper Eric Pecjo and his Belgian Malinois drug dog Zeva searched Pham's suitcases and found 100 lbs of marijuana packaged in heat-sealed plastic wrap.

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Pham was arrested and charged with marijuana trafficking. He was expected to be arraigned in East Boston District Court on Thursday.

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