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California Pizza Kitchen is giving away 10,000 free pizzas

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What better way to celebrate National Pizza month than free pizza? 

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is teaming up with Grubhub to give away 10,000 CPK Take and Bake Pizzas on Tuesday Oct. 1, starting at 11 a.m. 

California Pizza Kitchen and Gubhub took to social media to share this exciting news. 

There is no minimum purchase required to get your free pie. This offer can be redeemed once per user. Pizza lovers can choose one of the three classics with regular hand-tossed crust only. Their choices are the classic, Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza or Cheese Pizza. 

In addition to free pizza, CPK shared its third annual nationwide pizza survey conducted by Harris Poll, all about America’s pizza habits. It turns out, if Americans could only eat one food for the rest of their lives, pizza would be it.

The love that Americans have for pizza runs deeper than a deep-dish pizza. The survey shows that 40 percent of Americans would willingly give up dating for a year in order to receive free pizza whenever they wanted. About a quarter of Americans would go on a date, just to have someone pay for their pizza. 

Millennials dedication to pizza is so strong that over 46 percent of them have worked out, so they could indulge in pizza. Additionally, over half of Americans and 61 percent of millennials would be willing to give up social media for a year to get free pizza whenever they desired. Although there are a ton of pizza lovers out there willing to do what it takes for a slice, pizza lovers are not willing to cross some lines. 

Pizza lovers have a lot of strong options on pizza including the age-old debate that’s sparked wars on social media, do Americans really like pineapple on pizza? This study shows that 38 percent of Americans think pineapple on pizza should be illegal.  

Another debate in the pizza community is, is pizza actually an acceptable breakfast? Sixty-five percent of pizza lovers think it is an acceptable breakfast. Sixty-nine percent of them prefer to eat pizza hot, whereas 23 prefer leftover pizza cold.  

If there’s one thing Millennial pizza fans can agree on it, it’s the fact that they all want to share a slice with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Among the choices of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Katy Perry, Cardi B, Idris Elba, Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian West, Nick Jonas, and Justin Bieber. “The Rock” won about a quarter of the vote, topping the list. 

Besides the pizza promotion on October 1, pizza lovers will be able to get free delivery on all subsequent CPK orders via Grubhub for the entire month with a minimum order of $15 and one free take and bake pizza.