Can NY congressman’s DOJ request lead to Trump impeachment?

Google “impeach Trump,” and you’ll get 13.3 million results, but is it possible that one rarely used resolution filed by a New York congressman could put such an action in motion?

While that might be a long shot unless constitutional violations are revealed, Rep. Jerrold “Jerry” Nadler wants the Department of Justice to release information on President Donald Trump’s possible conflicts of interests, ethical violations and alleged ties to Russia — and those of his administration as well.

“We must know what the Department has learned about the Administration’s connections to the Russian government,” Nadler wrote in a statement on his website Thursday. “We must review the Department’s legal analysis — if there is any — of the President’s feeble attempt to remedy his wide-ranging ethics problems. We must conduct oversight of the least transparent Administration in modern history. This resolution represents a start.”

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A Resolution of Inquiry is a method the House of Representatives can use to gain information from the executive branch. Due to its privileged status, the House Judiciary Committee must respond to Nadler’s action within 14 legislative days. If no decision is made, the inquiry then requires a floor vote.

Should it pass, the DOJ would need to release any and all information it has on Trump and those in his administration.

Nadler cited in his statement repeated requests to Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Speaker Paul Ryan to investigate the administration’s alleged infractions, “and those requests have been ignored.”

Trump has long denied any relationship with Russia, but three of his former advisers — Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Roger Stone — are under federal investigation for financial ties to the country, as is National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

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Nadler, who represents a large portion of Manhattan’s West Side and southern Brooklyn, has sparred with Trump before.

In 1995, he blocked federal money assigned to rerouting the West Side Highway in an attempt to keep Trump from constructing a waterfront park above the thoroughfare. The money eventually raised the highway instead, and Trump built the park under it.

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