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Can you take an Instagram screenshot without the other person knowing?

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot?

Will the other person get notified when you take an Instagram screenshot?  If you have ever viewed someone’s Instagram Story and wanted to capture what you’re seeing by taking a screenshot, you might be wondering if the other person is notified.

In early February Instagram began to test a feature that would potentially let the other person know if you take an Instagram screenshot of their content in Stories. When the feature was first introduced, if you took an Instagram screenshot, you would receive a pop-up warning letting you know the next time you take a screenshot or record a story, the other person would be notified. Since then, there have been several Instagram updates to make the app better and safer for users. 

This seemed to prevent some people from randomly taking screenshots of Instagram Stories for their own entertainment.

Will I get caught if I take an Instagram screenshot?

The idea of notifying the other person anytime you take an Instagram screenshot of their Story could potentially be embarrassing, especially if they send you a direct message to call you out. According to Buzzfeed, those days are over. Instagram told Buzzfeed that it has stopped notifying people when someone takes a screenshot of their Instagram story. The Facebook-owned picture-sharing social network has made a few changes to its app and it will allow you to take all Instagram screenshots your little lurking heart desires. 

How to look at Instagram Stories without them knowing

Now that you know you can take an Instagram screenshot of someone’s Story without them being notified, you may be wondering how to look at someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing. There are ways you can do that as well.

If you’re someone who uses Instagram, you know that whenever you post a Story, you can see what user has viewed it. There are those times when you might want to check to see what someone is up to on Instagram without them seeing you were there.

The easiest way to do this is by creating another Instagram account and use that for your stalking needs. The other person will see the name appear as someone who viewed their Story, but they will not know it’s you.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making a new account, there are at least two websites that allow you to view Instagram Stories anonymously. You can visit www.storiesig.com and enter the person’s username and you’ll see if there are any stories to view. There’s also an option to download content as well. 

Instagram Screenshot and view IG stories anonymojusly

Another site to use is www.insta-stalker.com. This site lets you view a someone’s profile as well as look at their Instagram Stories.

If you want to be extra cautious about your investigative activities, you can make sure you’re logged out of your own Instagram account and launch your browser in private mode.

With the rising concerns of social media privacy, it’s tough to know if these sites and tools will be around forever, but for now, they appear to be functioning. Happy stalking!