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Celebrity death hoaxes: a timeline

Celebrity death hoaxes: a timeline

Reports of Macaulay Culkin’s death this weekend proved quickly to be false — with the man himself popping up on Twitter to confirm his continued existence — but he’s hardly the first famous face to be proclaimed deceased online. These have been happening for a while, but we’re starting in June 2009, when Jeff Goldblumfamously appeared on “the Colbert Report” to refute claims he’d perished the same day as Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list, so if we left anyone out that you remember, let us know in the comments. And maybe you can explain why people keep trying to kill off Jackie Chan — or why so many of these “deaths” happen by the celebrity falling off a cliff in New Zealand.


June: Jeff Goldblum
October: Zach Braff, Kanye West

January: Taylor Lautner
December: Eddie Murphy

March: Jackie Chan
May: Dwayne Johnson
August: Jackie Chan
September: Joan Rivers, Lady Gaga, Tony Danza
October: Luke Perry
November: Denzel Washington, Missy Elliott
December: Jon Bon Jovi

February: Soulja Boy,Rowan Atkinson
March: Justin Bieber,Celine Deon,Paul McCartney,Chris Brown
July: Eminem
August: Bill Cosby,Bill Nye,Eddie Murphy
September: Alfonso Ribeiro, Morgan Freeman,Adam Sandler,John Cena,Tony Danza
October: Johnny Depp,Jim Carrey

January: Mickey Rourke
June: Bindi Irwin,Jackie Chan
September: Chloe Grace Moretz
December: Lil Wayne

March: Wayne Knight
August: Sylvester Stallone
September: Betty White
October: Judd Nelson
November: Macaulay Culkin

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