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Conor McGregor just made himself gobs of money

Conor McGregor, just, made, himself, gobs, money
Conor McGregor. Getty Images

Conor McGregor hasn’t won a fight since Nov. 12, 2016, but the guy is making more money than ever. Last week, the notorious one attacked a bus full of UFC fighters and was arrested. Normally, this would be cause for alarm – but McGregor knew exactly what he was doing. Controversy creates cash, as they say, and McGregor is the best in the game right now.

There’s a chance that McGregor could face Floyd Mayweather in a UFC Octagon at some point, but the UFC, McGregor, and Mayweather’s people need to figure out the details (UFC boss Dana White does not want Showtime involved … Mayweather does). As there was when McGregor and Mayweather locked horns in a boxing ring last year, there’s too much money to be made here. Gotta believe this will happen, even if Mayweather will be an AARP card carrier by the time it is sorted through.


Belichick needs to chill

I get that Bill Belichick will be spending most of the next three months on a boat in Nantucket, but he really needs to figure out this Alex Guerrero thing. Maybe the Hoodie’s summer reading can be Guerrero’s controversial book “In Balance for Life: Understanding & Maximizing Your body’s pH Factor,” so that he can get a better understand of how Brady’s personal guru works. Because know this: Guerrero is not going away.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald reported this past weekend that Belichick verbally ripped Gronk a new one in front of other Patriots players this past season for going to Guerrero for medical advice instead of team doctors. That’s likely part of the reason Gronk has been so salty this off-season.

I get that Belichick wants to protect the Patriots’ team doctors. And I get that Belichick is (likely) worried that Guerrero is practicing quackery and that the team could be punished down the line if something fishy is going on. But he needs to not be so Belichickian in this situation.

This team doctors versus Guerrero situation may have already cost the team games given the divisiveness it has caused and it will continue to disrupt the best interest of Belichick’s football team if he doesn’t figure out a solution that all parties can be comfortable with.

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