Crunch Time: Aaron Rodgers hates his family, Tom Brady ‘playing for his job’ – Metro US

Crunch Time: Aaron Rodgers hates his family, Tom Brady ‘playing for his job’

Crunch Time: Aaron Rodgers hates his family, Tom Brady ‘playing for his job’
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Family feud

If Aaron Rodgers and the Packers make it to this year’s Super Bowl, don’t expect any mushy “Thanks mom!” and “Thanks dad!” TV features leading up to the game.

Apparently Rodgers isn’t on speaking terms with anyone in his immediate family. According to a Bleacher Report article last fall, Rodgers has mailed back Christmas gifts from his mom and dad and didn’t even attend his grandfather’s funeral (the same grandfather he used to call before every game).

A source close to Aaron’s brother, Jordan (who appeared on The Bachelorette), told People magazine recently that there was a “blow-up” between the two brothers at some point and that some things were said that were “regrettable.” In Donald Trump-like fashion, the Falcons should fly Rodgers’ family in for this Sunday’s NFC title game.

Big game for Brady

FS1’s Colin Cowherd was verbally tarred and feathered by Patriots fans this week after asking the question, “Is Tom Brady playing for his job this weekend?” On the surface, it’s an obscene question because even the most ardent Brady-bashers are finally coming around on the fact that he’s the greatest QB of all-time. I mean, why would you trade the G.O.A.T.?

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Buuuuut (there’s always a but), Brady will be 40-years-old at the start of next season and Bill Belichick is the most ruthless talent evaluator of all-time. If Brady struggles against the Steelers and loses, it would be the second straight year in which he’s performed below-average in an AFC title game. Belichick takes notes on that sort of stuff, so in a round-about way, Cowherd’s question is close to legit.

No one ever thought Joe Montana would play for the Chiefs … this sort of stuff is not unprecedented.

Coach Creeper

Less than a year ago, the Denver Broncos were on top of the football world. Now? They’re not in the playoffs – in fact, they didn’t even make the field. They don’t have a legit starting quarterback. And they now have a head coach who allegedly used to like to climb into bed with unsuspecting athletic trainers at the University of Colorado in the early 2000s and rub his penis against them. New Denver head coach Vance Joseph was never charged with sexual assault but there’s plenty of material in a 2004 police report to lead you to believe he’s a world-class creep. “He’s just a sleaze ball,” one of the alleged women said in the report, unearthed by The Daily Camera.