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DAILY VIDEO: Honest Trailers finally roasts ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

Just in time for the release of Johnny Depp‘s latest, “Mortdecai,” the folks at Screen Junkies are doling out the Honest Trailer treatment for the entire “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise — or at least the franchise so far. Did you know there’s a fifth one in the works? I know, and I’m sorry.

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Anyway, while there’s plenty of ire tossed toward the film series itself — more than 10 hours of movies based on a rather simple theme park ride? — most of the spite is saved for Depp himself. “One hit franchise will usher in the end of his creative choices, turning him into a boring parody of himself. But who cares? He owns a f—ing island now,” the guy with the awesome trailer voice offers. “You used to be cool, man. What the hell happened to you?”

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