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Dark season 2: Everything we know right now

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If you haven’t already streamed Netflix’s Dark in a weekend marathon that kept you on the edge of your seat, let us give you some advice: go do it now, then come back. The German Netflix original is basically the grownup version of Stranger Things and just as addictive — and we’re slowing learning more about Dark season 2.

If you’re still parsing through the plot of the first installment, don’t worry. Dark season 2 is in production in Germany, but you have plenty of time to review the first season and get all the characters straight. Check back with Metro US for a complete guide to the characters before the second installment of Netflix’s Dark launches for even more support.

But what can you expect from the upcoming season of the mind-bending series? Here’s a look into what Netflix has in store for you in the next chapter of their sci-fi original.

Dark season 2 cast

There shouldn’t any question that the core cast is returning for Dark season 2, especially Jonas. Writer Jantje Friese and director Baran bo Odar confirmed their reappearance as well as the addition of new characters in the upcoming chapter. “We will definitely, for example, follow Jonas (played by Louis Hofmann),” Odar told Indiewire. “He is one of the main characters where most of the stuff actually happens.”

dark season 2 kids

But brace yourselves, fans, if you have a favorite. Because they’re also hinting that the series will take a darker turn. Though Dark has been no stranger to character deaths, they’ve been underdeveloped characters — meaning we weren’t attached to them. But that all might change in Dark season 2, in which Friese mentioned that they will be “introducing new ones, while maybe killing some other ones.”

Dark season 2 plot

This multi-timeline mystery isn’t going to pull any punches. They certainly melted some brains in season one, with a character web complex enough to require diagrams (hello, there was one in the series and one used to create the series), and you can expect the same from Dark season 2 — but maybe you’ll also get answers to some of your most burning questions.

dark season 2 chair

You remember how the first season wrapped, right? Jonas wakes up in a post-apocalyptic version of Winden, his hometown, to a teenage girl saying, “Welcome to the future.” Based on the time-traveling logic of the series, the year is likely 2052. But even though the show’s jumping ahead to a time in which the characters are older, Friese claims season two won’t just be devoted to following older versions of the characters.

How many episodes will there be?

Although details are still unofficial, it’s likely that Dark season 2 will mirror the first season, which consisted of 10 hour-long episodes that Netflix dropped all at once.

Dark season 2 trailer

Nothing has been released for the second season of Netflix’s Dark yet, but Metro will update this story with trailers and promos as they’re released, which will probably be at some point during 2019. Shocked by that year? We explain it below.

dark season 2 cave

Dark season 2 release date

Netflix is staying mum about a potential release date for Dark season 2, but plenty of sites are doing the mental math to figure out a likely approximation. Production for the first season started back in October 2016 and the series wasn’t released on the streaming service until December 2017. If it follows roughly the same timeline, that would put the Dark season 2 release date sometime in 2019.

Before you get upset, keep in mind that it also makes the most sense for the series. The “present” timeline in the show takes place in the year 2019, so it would be fitting. As new details emerge that give us a more concrete idea of the timeline we’ll update this article, so keep checking back.


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