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Donald Trump and the WWE Illuminati / New World Order (video)

Donald Trump’s relationship with the pro wrestling world goes much deeper than the time he shaved Vince McMahon’s head at a WrestleMania and ruined Vinny Mac’s previously unmatchable pompadourfor good (it just never grew back right).

Trump hosted back-to-back WrestleManias(the Super Bowl of wrestling) in the late 1980s during the golden age of the “sport.”

Typically, McMahon and the WWE latch on to any sort of mainstream publicity they can get. But they have curiously shied away from Trump during these last few months.

Now, it’s highly unlikely that McMahon no longer considers Trump an ally. It’s just that when Trump first started trotting out his promises for a wall along the Mexican border last summer, the WWE was still recovering from the backlash that came with its biggest star of all-time -Hulk Hogan – being accused of being a bona fide racist.

In WWE’s current PG climate, they want to stay far, far away from controversial people like Trump … until, of course, they become President of the Free World.

Above are some great WWE archived videos (available on the WWE Network for just $9.99 per month!), that feature Trump and Trump mentions.

The first video involves Hogan babbling on about how Trump is basically a natural disaster … or possibly a God.

The second video is my all-time favorite interview. WWE sideline announcer Sean Mooney gets a little nervous around celebrities and he flat-out craps himself when he meets up with “Donald Day … errr … Donald J. Trump.”

“Thank you for the time to speak with us, ahhh, week with us.”

I’ve also attached a video of Mooney with Mary Tyler Moore at a WrestleMania and it absolutely deserves a first ballot vote in the Awkward Hall of Fame. It has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, but whatever.

“Who does he remind you of … Elvis?!”

You will have to view these videos at your own risk, though. The WWEIlluminati / New World Order(or maybe Trump’s people) removed these videos from public consumption literally secondsafter I posted them. Any WWE video that even mentions Trump seems to disappear immediately after finding its way on the Internet these days.

(Just to test it out, I uploaded a random Rock – Undertaker match from 2002. Lo and behold, no copyright claim.)

Maybe some day in the near future, WrestleMania will be held in the White House Rose Garden. But for now, Trump and WWE want us to forget about their storied past.

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