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Don’t expect to see Keytar Bear around Boston this summer

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Keytar Bear just can’t catch a break. 

Don’t expect to see the beloved Boston busker perform around town this summer, as the mysterious musician is currently recovering from a serious motorcycle accident. After a number of local publications reported that Keytar Bear had to cancel a show for the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday night due to a recent foot injury, the masked performer confirmed the news with Boston Magazine.

Keytar Bear told the outlet that he broke his ankle and another bone in his right foot as well as three fingers in his right hand. The musician also sustained injuries to his knee and shoulder. The incident occured late last month when he was riding his motorcycle on Route 146 and slipped on a patch of sand.

“It sounds like a silly story. A bear, who broke his foot,” he told Boston Magazine.

Is Keytar Bear cursed?

Is Keytar Bear cursed Boston

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time Keytar Bear has run into a bit of bad luck, as he’s been involved in a number of altercations over the years. Move over Curse of the Bambino and make room for the Curse of Keytar Bear.

Last summer, Keytar Bear was attacked by a group of New Hampshire teens while performing at Faneuil Hall, who also robbed the popular performer and yelled racial slurs at him. A GoFundMe campaign raised thousands of dollars to help the musician recover from the attack.

The musician has been forced into hibernation on several other occasions, including a 2014 incident that left him with a broken nose and a broken keytar. Luckily, crowdfunding efforts were able to raise enough money to get him another instrument. However, later that year, the performer was involved in another incident where he was allegedly robbed and nearly stabbed by two men and a woman.

Despite jamming his way into the hearts of locals, as well as rock icon Mick Jagger, it seems like something bad happens to the busker every year. Hopefully he can recover soon from his latest painful incident.

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