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"American Horror Story” is about to get all “The Shining” on us. After the horror anthology visited an asylum, a traveling carnival and a witches’ coven, the latest installment will take place in an old, deserted, probably haunted hotel in Los Angeles.

And true to creator Ryan Murphy’s M.O., there will be a lot of familiar faces showing up, from Sarah Paulson to Kathy Bates to Angela Bassett. But there are a few new ones too, including Lady Gaga as the blood-sucking proprietor of the hotel, and Wes Bentley, best known for “The Hunger Games” and “American Beauty,” as the poor detective tasked with solving the mystery. We talked with Bentley — as well as a few other Murphy regulars — about what to expect from this season.

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You get the pleasure of investigating what’s going on with the hotel, right?


Yeah, it’s a series of grisly murders I’ve tracked down, which kind of leads me to the hotel to try to check in there. Also, because of other issues at home.

Never a happy marriage on “AHS,” right?

No, that would be too easy.

Does Ryan Murphy leave you in the dark about upcoming plot points?

Yeah and I don’t mind being in the dark. I mean, big back story stuff I do know. There was a loss [in Bentley’s character’s family] and a few other things that I’m not going to say. But as far as what comes in the future, I’m not sure I want to know until it comes up. I think it’s more fun to play.

You want to be freaked out, just the same as the audience.

I do. I read the first two [episodes] and I had nightmares because I read them at night. And after I’ve been shooting, it’s been affecting my dreams as well. I’m not a nightmare guy, so [the episodes] are quite scary and psychologically terrifying, which for me is what draws me to horror.

When you’re in the elaborate hotel set they’ve built, how much does it feel like an actual hotel?

Oh it feels exactly like a hotel. When I walked into that lobby, [I thought] it’s huge, it’s beautiful, it’s art deco, it’s got a very LA feeling to it, very expensive. When I’m there, I don’t feel like I’m anywhere else.

Will you steal anything from the hotel at the end of the season to take home?

I’m going to work on it. I don’t know if I want to take it home with me now, though. If it’s truly embodying a haunted being, I don’t know if I want to bring it to my house. I’m already bringing the character back.

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