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Ricky Martin and Reese Witherspoon will be on ‘Best Time Ever’

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Neil Patrick Harris is taking a break from his usual busy schedule of hosting every awards show out there to host a new show on NBC, called “Best Time Ever.” It’s based on a UK show, and will involve some pre-taped bits, as well as some live elements, where people who don’t realize they’re going to be on the show are suddenly in it. Harris, speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, said he’d already been busy photobombingone couple’s wedding pictures, which they wouldn’t discover until they were on the show.

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He’s also involving a whole bunch of celebrity guests. One early challenge for participants will be Ricky Martin singing Livin’ La Vida Loca live on the show, during which the camera will cut to people watching at home, who will have to fill in the next line of lyrics in order to win $1000. Harris joked that he wasn’t supposed to be revealing guest names, and then suggested that a PeeseRithertroon would be appearing as well. So Reese Witherspoon will have both this and “The Muppets” on her résumé for the fall. We assume she’s working her way up to hosting her own show someday.

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