Charles Sykes,Bravo

Bravo personality Andy Cohen is known for getting sometimes inflammatory comments from the celebrity guests on his "Watch What Happens Live" talk show, but on Sunday's show, he got himself into some hot water for once instead. While discussing the Amandla Stenberg/Kylie Jenner Instagramback and forth, he called Stenbergthe "jackhole of the day" for her comment addressing the cultural appropriation aspectofKylie's cornrows. He even got guests Laverne Cox and Andre Leon Talley to agree with him. The response was not too positive.At first Cohen doubled down, tweeting "To clarify, I gave the jackhole to an online feud & certainly not to the topic or to any individual. I ironically hate online feuds."

While we're curious what ironically hating something is like, that little comment didn't seem to help him much. Instead, it seemed like Cohen either didn't understand the validity of concerns about cultural appropriation, or he was bullying a teenage black girl. Neither of which is a great look. So he tried again a few hours later with a more detailed response, saying, "I want to apologize to Amandla. I didn't understand the larger context of this cultural discussion and TRULY meant no disrespect to her or anyone else." Maybe, just maybe, before you call someone a jackhole, you should learn a little bit about why they spoke up in the first place?

Stenberg, for her part, last tweeted on Sunday: