Forget Hatchimals. Real eagle eggs in Florida are going to hatch and you can watch! Mama recently laid two eggs and awaits the arrival of her eaglets.

While making funeral plans for her daughter Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds was rushed to a hospital for a possible stroke. Reynolds played the sassy mom to Debra Messing’s character, Grace, in “Will & Grace.”




Because 2016 has struck fear in the hearts of many pop culture fans, a GoFundMe toprotect Betty Whitefrom the bloodthirsty yearhas been set up.

A Mexican girl’s 15th birthday party invitation accidentally went viral. Thousands showed up andone man diedduring the festivities after stepping in front of a racing horse.

A Michigan federal judge ruled thatpolice can shoot a dog for barkingwhen officers enter a building or home.

President-electDonald Trump turned back the clock– to the 1990s – and channeled his inner Wayne and Garth in aTwitter burn on POTUS Obama. He could be riding the wave of 90s nostalgia.



ThisChinese Trump statueisn’tnaked… presuming he is covered in feathers.

Cougar takes on dog.Man takes on cougar.

What wereMetro readers like youreading in 2016?

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