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Karlie Kloss is really sorry for posing as a geisha for Vogue's diversity issue, okay?

Why does this keep happening?

Sorry, Karlie. You should really know better by now.

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When you think about the word “diversity,” what comes to mind? A white lady dressed up as a geisha? No?

That’s weird. Because in an attempt to celebrate diversity, “Vogue” prominently featured Karlie Kloss shot in Japan and styled as, that’s right, a geisha.

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The tone-deaf spread has everything: a sumo wrestler; Kloss with a long black weave tumbling effortlessly down her back; she’s even walking down the stairs of a tea house... dressed as a geisha. The Cut notes that Vogue has a sordid history of publishing culturally insensitive fashion editorials, but it kind of seems like they could have had a better understanding of the word diversity and what it actually encompasses.


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After the blowback, the 24-year-old model tweeted an apology, writing, "These images appropriate a culture that is not my own and I am truly sorry for participating in a shoot that was not culturally sensitive.”

Okay, cute apology or whatever. Clearly, baby's been talking to a PR professional. "Vogue," unsurprisingly, has yet to respond.

But also? How much longer are we going to have to deal with this whitewashing nonsense? It’s getting old, man.

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