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Gigi Hadid accused of racism: here’s why

Gigi Hadid accused of racism: here’s why
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They say ignorance is bliss. But honestly? Ignorance is just ignorance.

Over the weekend, Bella Hadid shared a video of sister Gigi that some people — including me — are quite offended by. In the video, 21-year-old Gigi is shown giggling and squinting at a birthday dinner, holding up a cookie with a Buddha’s face on it.

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Bella quickly deleted the post, which should tell you something, but we all know that nothing on the Internet ever dies.

In Gigi’s head, to be fair, I’m sure she’s not thinking about how she’s mocking an entire race for her own benefit. She’s just hanging out with her girls, having a good time, basking in her ignorance! You know, just being a cool kid or whatever.

Us Weekly notes that Twitter wasn’t so kind to Gigi, with many people calling the video disrespectful, offensive and racist.

Then for some reason Gigi’s mother, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster, came to her defense, proving that ignorance is just a cool trait that runs in the family.

“Only a toxic mind will perceive hugging a chocolate laughing Buddha as racist……#PracticeHappiness #PracticeKindness,” Foster wrote on Twitter.

And the hits kept coming.

“Color, shape, religion or race does not exist in the hearts of our family as we are a melting pot of all,” wrote the Real Houswife. My god.

Gigi’s boyfriend Zayn Malik also jumped in. Just a reminder — Zayn is half Pakastani, which I guess is why he thought this was okay.

This is making me TIRED.

Also, here’s a bright idea — what if we just didn’t do stuff like this anymore? I’m not saying everyone has to be politically correct all the time, but what if we just tried to tamp down the ignorance, and WHAT IF models such as the Hadids used their platforms for something besides being so utterly oblivious?

Then again, what can we expect? It’s been noted that Gigi thinks that Pakistan is in the Middle East which… it isn’t. Someone get this girl a world map, please.