These two are probably discussing secret "House of Cards" plotlines RIGHT NOW.David Giesbrecht for Netflix

If you think that Kevin Spacey is going to tell you one tiny thing about the new season of “House of Cards,” think again. Any efforts to tease hints out of him are met with “Nice try.” How serious is he about spoilers? He won’t even confirm that there’s a fourth season coming for the hit show. It’s all part of his overarching philosophy regarding binge watching.

“I kind of have this policy about this, which is that I won’t discuss any plot points or anything that happens in any season. I haven’t ever, for three years. It’s one of the most satisfying parts about being in the show, because I can’t be the spoiler in chief,” says Spacey. “There are people who still haven’t even watched Season 1.”

Co-star Robin Wright, when asked about her feelings regarding the ever-evolving union between Claire and Frank Underwood, looks at Spacey and says, “I feel like if I elaborate, you’re going to spank me.”

We pressed Spacey on this. Surely there comes a point when it’s OK to talk about past seasons, at least?


“It’s never OK. It never will be OK,” says Spacey firmly.

But what about on other shows? Are other actors less militant about plot points? “In terms of speaking about the show, I concur with my fellow Netflix friend,” says Taylor Schilling of “Orange Is the New Black,” breaking all of our hearts a little. “I don’t really ever feel like there’s an appropriate time to start to talk about things, because I so respect the experience that people have with these shows and I feel like it’s a very intimate experience. I love the idea that people are just starting to get to know the world we’ve created.”

Vincent D’Onofrio, who will be appearing as Wilson Fisk in the Netflix/Marvel “Daredevil” show, says, “On our show, we have an out, because it’s Marvel, and I’m not allowed to talk about it. So even if I wanted to, I can’t.”

But Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne (or Crazy Eyes, if that’s more your style) on “Orange,” was willing to throw us a bone, and admits she does do some plot discussion with friends. “As someone who is a fan of ‘House of Cards,’ and has finished, I found a group of people who I could have that conversation with, where I was like, ‘OK, we’re going to have to discuss a couple things.’”

Aduba says it’s also important to make sure you verify how far your prospective chat buddies are in the show before moving forward. “I find with my friends, you find where they are in the season. And so you can be like, ‘OK, you’ve watched up to 4, let’s discuss 1-4.’”​​

“You are building a 13 hour film every season,” says Wright. “It’s a novel, and you the public can pick it up where you want, read as many chapters as you want, in whatever format, and put it down for six months and return to it.”​

Spoiler free zone

Even within the Netflix family, it’s verboten to get too detailed about plot points. Regarding a question about developments on “House of Cards,” Schilling says, “It was funny, I had like a visceral reaction when I heard that question, like, ‘Please do not tell me.’ I’m savoring those episodes of ‘House of Cards’ right now.”

And Aziz Ansari, who has a new Netflix comedy special, “Live at Madison Square Garden,” panicked as soon as people started asking who had watched the new season of "House of Cards." “Not all of it, hush! How has everyone seen everything?!” We know how you feel, Aziz.