Thanksgiving is now upon us, which invariably means having to spend a lot of time with your family.


For most people that will be delightful. But for some it will prove to be excruciating, as you invariably end up getting into petty disputes with your loved ones that get blown out of all proportion. Especially when you add in the potent mixture of booze, food, and the simple fact that being family brings out the frank honesty in everyone.


That’s where watching a Thanksgiving movie can prove to be a godsend, as sticking on such a film helps to bring people together in harmony. Sure the aforementioned quarrels and disputes will still be festering underneath, but at least these movies will help to briefly paper over the cracks.


There’s just one problem, though: Thanksgiving movies aren’t really a thing. While the actual celebration of Thanksgiving rivals Christmas in the hearts of Americans, it doesn’t quite possess the essence, spirit, or idiosyncrasies of either the festive season or even Halloween to warrant the same cinematic attention.


In fact, every year there’s a new creepy, scary, and haunting Halloween movie added to the genre, and the same can be said of Christmas films, too. This year alone “Happy Death Day” and “The Man Who Invented Christmas” have been added to these genres, respectively.


But while there might not be quite as many Thanksgiving movies to work your way through, there’s still some that manage to get to the heart and complications of the holiday. Those of you looking for such films should take a gander through our 10 Thanksgiving movies gallery above, as they are perfect to watch over the next few days.

They’re will definitely come in handy after you have eaten way too much turkey, drunk way too much alcohol, and suddenly just need something to stare blindly at for the rest of the day.