You might recognize "A to Z" guest star Sarah Baker from her turn on "Louie" earlier Ben Cohen, NBC

'Bad Judge'


Rebecca finds that she may not be the world's best giver of advice, after her counsel for a newly divorced friend goes awry. As a general rule, it's probably not wise to meddle in the relationships of others, particularly the fraught ones.


9 p.m., NBC


'A to Z'


Like many happy couples, Andrew and Zelda decide to try and get their single friends into happy relationships, but their efforts with Stu have unfortunate consequences for Stephie.

9:30 p.m., NBC

'The Taste'

The show gets into the New Year's spirit for this episode, as contestants have to make hangover breakfasts and convince their friends to stop drunk dialing exes. Just kidding! They'll be making food with champagne and caviar, which is a much classier sounding New Year's.

8 p.m., ABC

'I Love You, Man'

This comedy about a newly engaged man scrambling to make friends in order to have a best man at his wedding is elevated by how adorably awkward Paul Rudd is in it, and Jason Segel'sperpetually laid-back response to it. Also, "totes mcgoats" is now an important part of our language, thanks to Rudd.

8 p.m., E!