orange is the new black season 6 on netflix
Photos: Courtesy of Netflix

It was back in early February that we learned that the newest season of this hit Netflix original had finished filming, courtesy of Alex — or, more accurately, Laura Prepon’s Instagram. It’s been almost five months, which have felt like much longer, and we’re all still wondering when we’re going to see Orange Is The New Black season 6 on Netflix.

We’ve vented before about the frustrations of Netflix rotating their library content each month, but this time it served us. Since we’re all trying to keep track of what’s coming and going on our go-to streaming service, they send out handy lists with updates — and this latest one included the official first date for Orange Is The New Black season 6 on Netflix.

Although Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee, told Variety last year that she had “no freaking clue” what to expect from Orange Is The New Black season 6, Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy) gave us a hint. She reminded all of us that toward the end of last season, “there were some people that were agreeing to stick together, and there were some people that were looking out for themselves.” What follows next, she teases, will be “the repercussions of those decisions.”

So who’s going to stay together after the riot, and death of Piscatella, that left many of the main characters hiding out in Frieda’s bunker? And how much are you going to see of the inmates who were loaded onto buses headed to other prisons? We’re as much in the dark as you, but Brooks makes us think you can count on some bold actions, at least from her character.


orange is the new black season 6 on netflix taystee

“I’ve always said it takes a lot for a person to start a riot. You have to be fearless,” she explained to Variety. “You have to be unafraid of death. And that’s exactly where I think Taystee is right now.” She said she couldn’t speak for other characters, but imagined they were “operating in a fearless manner” just like her own.

So when will we see Orange Is The New Black season 6 on Netflix?

We know that when you’re itching to find out what happened to your favorite characters, a month can feel like an eternity. But at least now you have the end in sight. You’ll see Orange Is The New Black season 6 on Netflix starting on Friday, July 27. Before that happens, make sure to rewatch season 5 if you’ve forgotten some of the plot points mentioned above or need a refresher on the smaller details. Next month will be here before you know it.