the americans season 6 amazon prime
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There’s a good reason The Americans captured our attention: It made us wonder, is The Americans based on a true story? But if you don’t get FX at home, you’ve been waiting (very patently we might add) for The Americans season 6 Amazon Prime release. So when will the final season hit the streaming service? At long last we have a date.

Unlike the Russian hackers and agents filling up your news feeds, the Russian spies in this series have a dedicated American fan base. And you probably need to brace yourselves for an explosive final season after season five’s slow burn.

Before you hit play on The Americans season 6 on Amazon Prime

If you think back to the last season, you’ll remember that the Jennings are staring down a life-changing decision: do they stay in America even with the growing danger to their family, or do they leave and return home to Russia? While previous seasons threw twists and turns at audiences, the fifth season kept it centered in the Jennings household.

Fans of the show know Elizabeth has kept her cool under pressure, but Phillip has been showing signs of chinks in his armor for a few seasons. Will he finally crack under his disillusionment with “Command”? Will they finish what they started? For full context before you hit play after The Americans season 6 Amazon Prime release, read up on everything you need to know before watching the first episode of the final season.

the americans season 6 amazon prime

When is The Americans season 6 Amazon Prime release

OK, you can’t wait and we’ve only made it worse. So when is The Americans season 6 Amazon Prime release date? You’ll be able to hit play on the first episode of the season with your Prime membership on Sunday, July 29. Just keep in mind that Monday is a work day if you’re tempted to marathon-watch the series through the night. We doubt “I was watching The Americans on Amazon Prime” will be an excuse your boss accepts — unless they love the series, too.