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She’s back, bingers! Even if you didn’t watch the original when it first aired, you’re curious about the Roseanne reboot now that everyone — including President Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr. — is talking about it. Well, worry not, whether you’re looking to watch the original for the first time, rewatch old episodes you loved or catch the new episodes with the beloved cast, we have all the ways you can watch Roseanne online.

The original Roseanne captured hearts for portraying a slice of average American life that was previous underrepresented on TV, and many would argue that the Roseanne reboot does the same. This time, it’s specifically giving a glimpse into the life and workings of a Trump-supporting family, fractured by opposing politics. (The extent to which Roseanne Barr’s own personal politics affected the script-writing process is up for debate.)

Ready to see what all the fuss is and was about? We gathered all the ways you can watch Roseanne online and broke it down into sections about the original series and the new Roseanne reboot, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. But get the snacks ready, because your binge-watching session is going to be yuge.

Watch Roseanne online: The reboot

Is Roseanne on Hulu?

Is Roseanne on Hulu? Why, yes, that’s where you’re going to find the latest episodes from the Roseanne reboot. As they come out on ABC, the episodes are also released on Hulu so you can watch Roseanne online and catch up no matter where you are. At the time of publication, both of the Roseanne reboot episodes that have aired are available to watch on the streaming service.


Is Roseanne on Netflix?

Sorry, that one’s a negative. ABC works exclusively with Hulu — which is why that Shonda Rhimes contract change was such a big deal — so you won’t find their content on Hulu’s rival streaming service.

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Watch Roseanne online through ABC Go

Obviously the network that carries the Roseanne reboot is a great place to look if you want to stream the new episodes online. You’ll have to log in with your service provider credentials in order to watch the most recently released episodes of Roseanne through the show’s landing page, but ABC makes older episodes available to stream for free after a couple weeks. If you’re willing to watch them a little later than everyone else, it’s an easy, money-saving option.

Other ways to watch Roseanne online

Not a subscriber to Hulu? Don’t worry, you still have options. Although FuboTV, which is gaining popularity as an online option, doesn’t currently offer ABC, Sling TV, DirectV Now and PlayStation Vue all do. Before you rush out and sign up for a subscription to Sling TV, just be sure to check the offerings in your area. AMC is only offered in select markets, so double check that it will be included in your deal.

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Watch Roseanne online: The original series

Is Roseanne on Hulu or Netflix?

The original seasons of the beloved sitcom are tougher to find than episodes of the Roseanne reboot. Unfortunately, you can’t watch Roseanne online through Netflix or Hulu if you’re looking for the seasons that originally aired starting in 1988. That doesn’t mean you’re out of options, though.

Watch Roseanne online through Amazon

You can catch up with the Connor family through Amazon Prime, but you’ll have to buy the seasons. If you’ve been a fan since the first seasons aired, it might be worth investing in them anyway. The first five seasons will cost you $19.99 a pop, but then the price leap up to $30.99 per season. The final season, season nine, is back to the lower price of $19.99.

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