"Inside Amy Schumer" returned last night, and it's safe to say the comedian is off to a roaring start. Why not start your season off with an extended rape joke? In a sketch spoofing the much-loved "Friday Night Lights," Josh Charles appears as a Coach Taylor-esque guywho's just moved to a football-obsessed small Texas town to coach the high school team. He's got a crazy new ideathe residents can't quite support, and the players themselves don't even know how to proceed. Yes, he's introduced the revolutionary idea that there should be no raping done by the football players. Not even if the girl is drunk, or if she said yes to something unrelated yesterday. That, folks, is how you do a rape joke.


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See the whole video below, and keep an eye out for Amy's gradually growingwineglass. We don't remember Mrs. Taylor having quite that much of a drinking problem...