File under "things you didn't know you always needed": the classy ladies of "Downton Abbey" playing a round of generally inappropriate card game, Cards Against Humanity. Entertainment Weekly got Lady Edith, Mrs. Patmoreand Mrs. Hughes to play a quick round of the game. Or Laura Carmichael, Lesley Nicol and Phyllis Logan, as they're known off-set. As expected, all three get a case of the giggles, and Logan turns out to have quite the competitive streak. We're not sure they're that familiar with Teach for America or the source of "It's a trap," but they're pretty game nonetheless.

​ Besides, it's always good to confirm that fart jokes are just as funny across the pond. Watch the trio try to make it through a round in the video below. To steal a phrase from Upworthy, the winner may surprise you!