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Watch every episode of Jon Stewart hosting 'The Daily Show'

In honor of Stewart's departure, it's time to get streaming.
Martin Crook

The date of Jon Stewart's departure from "The Daily Show" draws ever nearer (It's August 6, by the way). To help you begin the mourning process, Comedy Central is going to stream every single episode of his hosting duties starting at noon today on their site. You can also get it through Google Play or on iTunes, if that's more your speed. Relive the glory days of Stewart ripping into the Bush administration! And all the segments featuring the insane list of talented comedians who went on to bigger things, from the Steves (Carell and Colbert) to Rob Corddry to John Oliver. It adds up to more than 2000 episodes, and since Stewart started hosting back in the '90s, we're curious to see how it all holds up. The network is calling it their month of zen, so go get started at the link. You weren't going to do anything this afternoon, were you? Or for the rest of the month, since it's going to go on for a while.

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