Beverly just wants to help on "The Goldbergs," but it doesn't work out so well for AdRon Tom, ABC

'The Goldbergs'

Dana and Adam have to act as parents to a doll for a school project, but Beverly gets carried away with grandmothering the fake baby.

8:30 p.m., ABC



The situation between Cookie and Annika gets worse, as Cookie finds out the secret Annika has been keeping. Lucious will also facing off with a rival, but we're all here for Cookie, right?

9 p.m., FOX

'Mob Wives'

Drita learns more about what Natalie has done and tries not to get too upset about it, while Renee throws a party to celebrate her spiritual cleansing.


'Watch What Happens Live'

Andy talks to Anne Heche. She has a new series coming out called "Dig," but given Andy's interview style, we're wondering what secrets he'll get her to reveal.

10 p.m., BRAVO