Rick Rowell, ABC

​​​'The Bachelor' is back! Farmer Chris Soules is this season's dreamboat, and the Iowanhad his hands full last night with a series of not-at-all-crazy seeming ladies. But he had a few tough choices to make, such as what to do about the lady who showed up wearing a pig nose (that was Nicole, and yes, she got sent home). The big winner of the evening is Britt, a waitress in L.A., who gets the first impression nose and a quick makeout session with Chris. The crowd watching the show live is vaguely offended that they kissed so early, but everyone thinks Britt is cute. Best quote from a viewer about her: Michelle Money randomly wants to spread a rumor that Britt does not shower. Sure, that seems likely.

But who had to leave? Rounding out the group sent home are Bo,Brittany,​Reegan, Michelle, Amanda, Kara, and Kimberly, who leaves saying she "never in a milion years thought this would happen." Really, Kimberly? You went on a dating reality show with 30 other women. Your chances were never great. But wait! Producers like Kimberly, and she's seen sneaking back in to have a quick chat with Farmer Chris. So Kimberly will probably be back briefly.

Best shade throwing on the way out goes to Amanda, a ballet teacher, who is upset that Chris prefers "crazy drunk girls" to her. Who could that be referring to? Why, it's our favorite contestant, sport fishing enthusiast Tara! She gets a little drunk over the course of the evening and spends the entire rose ceremony shuffling in place, yawning and muttering to herself. It's so bad that Chris leaves in the middle of the ceremony to talk to Chris Harrison about it. He's nervous about picking her, but then does anyway, because why not! Life is an adventure.

Do you think he made the right choices? Tara was conspicuously absent from the promo for the rest of the season, so we are concerned she'll be sent home to sport fish on her lonesome soon. But it looks like we can look forward to one of the ladies making out with Chris in a tent during a camping trip, so tons of fun ahead.