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Eric Stoltz doesn’t ‘have any memories’ of ‘Back To The Future’

Eric Stoltz on Back To The Future

Much has been made of Eric Stoltz’s departure from Back To The Future, which unfolded in December, 1984.

Caseen Gaines’ 2015 book “We Don’t Need Roads: The Making Of The Back To The Future Trilogy” revealed details of Stoltz being replaced by Michael J. Fox, who was the original choice to play Marty McFly anyway. 

I recently had the chance to speak Stoltz about his work directing “Class Rank,” which revolves around two high schoolers joining forces to try and take over the local school board.

Right at the end of our conversation I quizzed Stoltz about his memories of briefly working on “Back To The Future,” and he insisted that he doesn’t have any. 

“Gosh, I don’t really ever look back on it. I don’t really have any memories of it. It was like 30 years ago. I honestly never give it a thought.”

The huge success of “Back To The Future,” which went on to become one of the most popular films of all time, might have left Stoltz bitter. But when I pointed out to Stoltz that perceived failures can often inspire successes he revealed that his mind doesn’t quite work in that way.  

“I guess, I never look at my career as one of successes and failures. It just is what it is. I just keep doing it is what I love doing. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard.”

“You just keep going on doing what you love to do. I do consider myself an enormously lucky fellow. I love what I do. And I get to make a living doing it. And I am very aware of how lucky that is. And I just pinch myself every morning. It is a great life.”

Obviously Stoltz, who has since forged a successful directing career, is very happy with his work.

You can now see why for yourself, as Stoltz’s “Class Rank” has just been released in theaters and is also available On Demand & Digital.