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Even Brad Pitt is heading to Netflix with the trailer for ‘War Machine’

War Machine
Brad Pitt looks to be in funny mode as noted Gen. McChrystal in "War Machine," bow
Francois Duhamel

This feels weird, right? There’s a trailer for a new Brad Pitt movie, but it’s not for some blockbuster hitting 4,000 theaters. It’s for a movie hitting Netflix Instant in May. Well, get used to it. “The Irishman,” the next Martin Scorsese-Robert De Niro joint — Martin Scorsese! Robert De Niro! — will be heading for the streaming giant, too, because it’s not a comic book movie or a cartoon about farting animals. And yes, “Taxi Driver” would be something you watched on your TV while folding laundry if it came out today.

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Anyway, this Brad Pitt movie is called “War Machine,” and it’s not about Iron Man’s buddy. It’s a war comedy along the lines of “M*A*S*H” and “Catch-22,” detailing the crazy and terrifying exploits of real-life General Stanley McChrystal during the war in Afghanistan.

Written and directed by David Michod — who usually makes brooding, funereal bummers like “Animal Kingdom” and “The Rover” — it looks steeped in gallows humor. Pitt’s even doing a version of his Foghorn Leghorn Southern accent from “Inglourious Basterds,” confirming once more that Funny Brad Pitt is the best Brad Pitt.

“War Machine” drops on May 26, and while you’re watching it on your iPhone make sure you weep for the future of cinema.

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