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Everything we know about the new iPhones

iPhone rumors: USB-C charging coming soon

For Apple fans, it’s Christmas in September again — fresh off the announcement that it’s become the first $1 trillion company, Apple is unveiling a new lineup of iPhones at its traditional fall event in Cupertino, California, on Sept. 12. Here’s what we know about what’s expected, thanks to leaks and early reports.

The iPhone X is getting bigger

Apple’s flagship iPhone X will be upgraded to the iPhone XS, 9 to 5 Mac reports. It will come in two sizes: the current 5.8 inches and a new, bigger 6.5 inches (sort of an iPhone X Plus, to use the old nomenclature). Expected upgrades include a faster processor, a boost to 4GB RAM and some tweaks to the camera. Both sizes will be offered in a gold color for the first time and are expected in stores in late September.

An bigger, LCD iPhone 9?

It’s rumored that a new-model iPhone will debut to bridge the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. With a 6.1-inch LCD screen standing in for the X’s OLED, and an aluminum body instead of stainless steel, it will have a cheaper price tag to lure those dissuaded by the X’s top-of-the-line, four-figure cost.

The Apple Watch 4 debuts

After a slow start, the Apple Watch has become a sleeper smash — worldwide, it’s now outselling the entire Swiss watch industry. The biggest expected upgrade in Apple Watch 4 is an edge-to-edge screen that creates about 15% more surface area. The wider view will allow for eight app buttons around the watch face instead of the current four. Leaked images show a new hole on the side of the bezel below the crown, which experts believe is a new microphone to enhance all your Dick Tracy fantasies.

New iPhones, new colors

Apparently legit leaked images show the iPhone might be offered in shades of candy-apple red, rose gold, blue and orange, The Verge reports. 


A hot rumor: Apple listened to customer pleas and has swapped out the Lightning ports on iPhones to USB-C (which is quickly becoming the industry standard for laptops, phones and other digital devices and is now standard on the newest MacBooks). But the experts at The Verge consider this unlikely. Instead, they predict the charger included with new iPhones will switch to a USB-C plug with a USB-C-to-Lightning cable, allowing for faster charging.