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Everything we know right now about American Vandal season 2

American Vandal season 2
Here's what you need to know about American Vandal season 2. Photo by Netflix

In the first season of Netflix’s surprise hit American Vandal, the faux documentary series parodied popular true crime shows like Making a Murderer and The Jinx with one simple question: Who drew the dicks? Here’s what you need to know about American Vandal season 2 before it returns to the streaming service this fall.

American Vandal season 2 plot

The mockumentary’s leads, Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck), never did figure out if Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro) was responsible for the obscene vandalism in the faculty parking lot, but that was the point. Show creators Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda never really wanted audiences to know who drew the dicks, and with American Vandal season 2 just around the corner, the probably want the same for Peter and Sam’s next question.

American Vandal season 2 cast: Who is the Turd Burglar?

The Emmy and Writers Guild Award-nominated series, which won a Peabody Award in April, returns for a whole new investigation. This time, Peter and Sam’s fame as the first season’s investigators leads them to St. Bernardine, an elite, private Catholic school where someone calling themself the “Turd Burglar” has committed an explosive (and disgusting) prank on the student body.

“It was really just a normal day,” a nun says in the first trailer. “I don’t know how else to describe it.” Of course, this is American Vandal we’re talking about, so nothing about the day in question will stay “normal.” What ultimately happens, whether through the culprit’s tampering with the lemonade, the cafeteria lunches provided that day or some other means, it happened. Or as a teacher says in a 911 recording, “All of our students, they’re all… They’re all pooping!”

American Vandal season 2 plot cast release date trailer turd burglar

American Vandal season 2 begins with the expelling of Kevin McClain (Travis Tope), a junior at St. Bernadine’s accused of being the prankster. But much like the first season, which kicked things off with Peter and Sam’s attempts to determine whether Dylan actually drew the dicks like everyone else believed he did, season two sees the pair wondering if Kevin is the Turd Burglar.

Led by showrunner Dan Lagana, American Vandal season 2 features Alvarez and Gluck’s return as Peter and Sam, and newcomer Tope as the new suspect. The cast also includes Taylor Dearden, Melvin Gregg and DeRon Horton. Aside from these and other production details, however, there’s little else to go on in terms of the second season’s new story.

One of the more interesting developments, as hinted at by the trailer, is the fact that Peter and Sam’s initial investigation exists within American Vandal as a Netflix series titled American Vandal. This continues the first season’s conceit that, per the opening credits, the show was a real documentary made by and about actual people. Audiences know this isn’t the case, of course, but it’s nice to see that Perrault, Yacenda, Lagana and the creative team behind it all are dedicated to keeping the world of the series alive for another season.

American Vandal season 2 release date

American Vandal season 2 premieres Friday, September 14 on Netflix.

American Vandal season 2 trailer

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