Expert tips for doing Black Friday right – Metro US

Expert tips for doing Black Friday right

Black Friday
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There is only one thing that gets people more excited than turkey and stuffing around the end of November, and that’s Black Friday. We talked to BeFrugal.com CEO Jon Lal for advice on how to tackle the biggest shopping day of the year with the smallest amount of stress. Read on for his brilliant tips.

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Get organized.
Know what you are looking for and where you want to get it. “It’s worth organizing things you really want on a separate list,” says Lal. “If you have specific items that you want, you’re fighting against limited supply.” Keep track of what specific brands and models you are shopping for as well as your budget for each item. It will eliminate confusion and save a lot of time.

Stay connected.
“If you care about what brand and model of something you want, you want to connect with the stores as they release ads,” Lal says. In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, pay attention to retailers on social media as well. “Get on their email newsletter lists, follow them on Facebook and Twitter,” says Lal. “You want to be plugged into the stores.”

Watch for electronic deals.
Though it varies every year, electronic items like phones, computers and tablets are popular on Black Friday. “Electronics are always big, and tend to run out the quickest,” Lal says. He also says that they often go on sale before Friday, so keep an eye out for the early specials.

Be careful about impulse buys.
Even when you have a plan and a budget, there are always those items you buy on a whim that become your budget’s downfall. Being in a store is more tempting and more attractive then shopping online, says Lal. “Stores know you’ll do more shopping,” he says. “You’ll go and they have everything set up, and you might buy a bunch of other stuff.”