Families of slain South Boston doctors file wrongful death lawsuit alleginginadequate building security – Metro US

Families of slain South Boston doctors file wrongful death lawsuit alleginginadequate building security

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The families of the two doctors who were murdered in their South Boston home in May have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Lina Bolanos and Richard Field were found with their hands bound and throats slashed at their luxury South Boston condo in May.

Bampumim Teixeira, a 30-year-old man from Chelsea, was charged with their murders and recently ordered held without bail.

Teixeira also has two larceny convictions on his record from 2014 and 2015, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. He was released from prison after serving nine months a short time before this incident.

Officials believe the doctors let Teixeira into their home, which was located with the Macallen Building, as he once worked at the condo building as part of its concierge and security services.

Palladion Services, the company that provides concierge and security workers to the Macallen Building,  said after the incident that it hired Teixeira in Oct. 2015 “after we performed background and reference checks, which were clean.”

Now, the families of Bolanos and Field have filed a lawsuit against the trust that owns the building, the building’s management and security companies and the company that formerly provided security and employed Teixeira, according to the Boston Globe.

The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that “a ‘veneer’ of security” allowed Teixeira to enter the doctors’ home and that Palladion Services never informed the building’s management company that Teixeira was a convicted bank robber.

The complaint also alleges that a security guard working at the front desk when the murders occurred “took about 20 minutes to call 911 after receiving a call about a gunman in the doctors’ condo,” the Globe reports.

“Despite the appearance of operating a secure property, in fact, the defendants provided virtually no security for its residents whatsoever,” the attorneys say the complaint, per the Globe. “For example, one can enter the garage with ease by simply walking from the street when the garage door is opened by a resident who is either entering or leaving the [b]uilding’s garage in their vehicle.”

The Macallen Building bills itself as “one of Boston’s most luxurious, amenity filled, loft-style luxury properties,”  with two-bedroom units selling for upwards of $1 million.