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Fired Millis cop indicted for phony shootout, bogus bomb threat

John Blanding/Globe Staff

A grand jury has indicted the disgraced Millis police officer who allegedly shot up his own cruiser after calling in a phony bomb threat at a local high school.

The Norfolk County Grand Jury issued six indictments against Bryan Johnson, 24, for the Sept. 2 stunt. Johnson’saccused of calling in a report of an ambush, saying a man in his mid 20’s to early 30’s driving a red pickup truck opened fire on his cruiser for no reason. The cruiser slid off the road, he said, hit a tree and burst into flames.

Ballistics evidence led authorities to believe that Johnson was the actual gunman.

There had also been a report of a bomb threat at Millis High School earlier that day. Authorities said they have determined that Johnson was responsible for calling in that false report as well.

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Johnson’s charges include:

  • Willfully communicating a bomb threat to a school, which carries a maximum 20 year sentence in state prison.
  • Misleading a criminal investigation, which carries a max penalty of 10 years in state prison.
  • Discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, which carries a 3 year max penalty in a house of corrections.
  • Making a false police report, which carries a 1 year penalty in a house of corrections.
  • Willful and malicious destruction of property $250+ for damaging the cruiser windshield, which carries a possible 10 year sentence.
  • Wanton destruction of property over $250 for crashing and burning the cruiser, which carries a 2.5 year penalty in a house of corrections

Johnson pleaded not guilty in Wrentham District Court on Friday, Sept. 11 for misleading investigators, making false statements in an emergency situation, malicious destruction of property and unlawfully discharging a firearm. Authorities later charged him with issuing a bomb threat to Millis High School after further investigation.

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His next trial date has not been set.

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