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Five apps to help you save money

If you live in the city there’s one thing that’s usually always on your mind: money. How you spend it, how you earn it, and most importantly (and sometimes rarely) how to save it.

Take a look at these five apps, all of which are designed to help your budget lose a little weight.

Hopper App

Finding the cheapest air fare is a hunt that some people love to partake in. If you’re like me and have zero patience for such games, then Hopper might help you.

Hopper is designed to predict air fare of the future and even gives you tips on when the best time to travel is.

Hopper has been around since 2007 and has garnered a four-and-a-half stars out of five.

Wi-Fi Finder

How exactly will an app that helps you find free Wi-Fi help you save money?

Well for starters, there’s the key word of “free” in the whole free Wi-Fi business, and secondly we’re sure you’ve gone over your phone’s data limit once, or twice, or three times. With the free Wi-Fi Finder you can survive off of other people’s networks and save money while doing it!

Hey, maybe you can even survive solely on Wi-Fi and cut out your data plan altogether (good luck).

Happy Hour Finder

So far on our list we have apps to help you find free Wi-Fi, and apps to help you find the best flights, so why not an app that helps you find a cheap drink (or two)?

Happy hour finder is a lot like the previous free Wi-Fi finder, but instead of finding a network, you’re finding a place to drown your sorrows after work.

Never pay top dollar for drinks after work again!

Gold Star

Gold Star describes itself as an “events discovery app with the most half-price tickets to live entertainment in the world.”

Gold Star shows you events in your area that are selling off at budget friendly prices and are also tailored to your taste.

You can find everything from musical theatre, to boutique museums.

Have fun exploring!

Level Money

Last but not least on our app is one that will help you keep track of this supposed budget you’re on.

Dubbed as an “Editor’s Choice” in Apple’s App Store, Level Money is a very well designed app that lets you see all your accounts for all your banks (you have more than one??) all in one place, keep track of your budget over time, and help you save up towards goals!

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