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Gina Rodriguez can’t keep secrets about Jane the Virgin’s new season

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The titular Jane in “Jane the Virgin” had a very full year. She got accidentally artificially inseminated, fell in and out of love with the sperm donor, met her father for the first time and got tangled up with a criminal syndicate headed up by the mysterious Sin Rostro. By the end of the year, she’d given birth, but Sin Rostro had kidnapped the baby. It’s a lot for one woman to take on, but Jane always seems up to the challenge, in large part due to the star-making performance of Gina Rodriguez, who plays her. Rodriguez, who says Jane will be “a fierce f—ing mom,” is looking forward to exploring what that means for the character.

Will we still see a love triangle between Jane, baby daddy Rafael and her old love Michael?
I was actually only given a few spoiler alerts, because they know I’ll tell everything and I really don’t know anything. But I do know the love triangle is going to continue. I do also know that Jane’s going to get married in Season 2. So who knows! With marriage comes a lot of other things, and who is she going to marry? But one thing that is strong is that motherhood and her trying to preserve her dreams is going to be a very relevant topic. Women and men both, when they have children, how do they continue to grow as humans? How do they continue to be normal, and still themselves.

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Any dream guest stars?
Oh we’re going to get Luis Guzman. That’s definitely going to happen. At least in my head it is. I would love Adam Rodriguez to come play. Freddy Rodriguez would be awesome. I mean, Ricky Martin, Mark Anthony. Enrique Iglesias. Those were a lot of men I just said! I just said nothing but men.

You just want cute boys to come on the show.
Yeah, sure, maybe Jane needs a third love interest!

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This was your first big role, but you settled very quickly into being a strong advocate for the show. What was it that made that responsibility easy for you?
I think it’s really easy to be yourself.

So the public is getting the real Gina Rodriguez?
My father used to always say, if you don’t lie, you never have to remember anything.

Is he a big influence on you?
Oh my god, the man is brilliant. Hence why I’m writing a book about him.

You’re writing a book?
“I Can and I Will: Tools My Daddy Gave Me.” So I guess Jane is rubbing off on me. Maybe I’ll be a writer now.

Do you know what’s going to happen between Jane’s parents this season? They accidentally got married in the finale.
I don’t know anything. I think they all were given spoilers they can share, but they won’t tell my ass nothing. Because I’ll tell everybody. And they’ll be like, that was my spoiler! And I’ll be like, whatever, what are you going to do? I’m sorry.

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