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Gwyneth Paltrow passes the conscious uncoupling buck

Gwyneth Paltrow passes the conscious uncoupling buck

First Gwyneth Paltrow tries to distance herself from ex-husband Chris Martin by coining the term “conscious uncoupling,” and now she’s trying to distance herself from that term as well, claiming she totally had nothing to do with it being used on her Goop post about the split. Sure, Gwyneth, whatever.

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“When I announced that I was separating on the website, [Goop editorial director Elise Loehnen] titled the piece ‘Conscious Uncoupling,’ and I had no idea,” tells Fast Company. But she’s totally fine with us making fun of it, even if the criticism freaks out her Goop staff. “When something like that happens, I think everybody is like, ‘Oh s—,'” Paltrow says. “I just tell them that I think we are creating interesting discussions.” Whatever gets you through, ma’am.

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Oh, and in case there’s any confusion, Paltrow still totally stands by the concept of “conscious uncoupling” and its merits and virtues.”It’s a noble idea,and it’s a great thing to try to do for your kids,” she told Howard Stern earlier this year during an interview.”We actually have a really strong friendship and we laugh and have fun,and we’re lucky in that our parenting styles and philosophies overlap a lot.” That’s all fine and good, but isn’t that basically just an amicable divorce? As in, something we already had a term for?

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