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Here are the best parts of this week’s SNL

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SNL slayed this weekend, and we’ve got all the highlights for you right here.

Kristen Stewart dropped the F-bomb on SNL

Kristen Stewart made her debut as host and was visibly very pumped. So much so she dropped the F-bomb on live television! Go girl. But the best part of her opening monologue, was her take down of President Trump — who has a history of obsessively trolling her on Twitter. He’s tweeted about her 11 times! To enrage him some more, the Twilight actress gleefully declared herself as “so gay, dude.” We can’t wait to see how he’ll spin this.

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Melissa McCarthy debuted her Sean Spicer impression and it was terrifyingly spot on.

Melissa McCarthy is hands down the best person to play Sean Spicer: She’s one of the best physical comedians around. She brings a bit of nuance to a person who is all intensity and ridiculousness. So much screaming. So much misdirection. So much lunging at journalists with the podium in hand. Also, someone congratulate the wig department on SNL, because they got Spicer’s extreme side part very, very right.

Steve Bannon was played by the Grim Reaper, and nothing has ever felt so right.
In the cold open, we got to see SNL’s take on President Trump’s relationship with Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who is rightly portrayed by a dude in a Grim Reaper suit. Even more biting, the show verbalizes what’s on everyone’s mind: Steve Bannon as Skeleton Suit is the real Mr. President.

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