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Hey Internet, the Wachowskis aren’t fazed by your trolling

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Andy and Lana Wachowski have heard what you’ve said about “Cloud Atlas,” “Speed Racer” and the “Matrix” sequels — and what you’re already saying about “Jupiter Ascending” — and you know what? They don’t care. “I’ve gotten a thicker skin when it comes to Internet searches on our art,” Andy tells the Associated Press in an interview that refers to talk of their new science-fiction film a “torrent of pessimism.” Yikes.

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Oh, and they’re also not too worried about box office receipts. “The cultural obsession with equating a movie’s success to its box office is incredibly damning to this industry,” Andy insists. “It’s pushing the industry more and more to making pure product, which is another reason why you constantly have reboots. It’s McDonald’s. People know what they’re going to sit down and watch. Inherently, it’s unhealthy for your brain.”

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