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How to deal with a horrible boss

How to deal with a horrible boss

If you’re among the 84 percent of global workers who think you can do a better job than your manager, per data from a Monster survey, you’re not alone. But what happens when your boss is firmly intact in his or her role and you feel stuck?

As “Horrible Bosses 2” gets released this week, we’re reminded of the plethora of wretched bosses right down to Jennifer Aniston’s role as a seducer boss. The good news? You’re never truly trapped. Here are a few ways to get yourself out of a horrible situation.

How to spot one: There are a few red flags during the interview that your boss will be a stinker. See if they’re punctual for the interview; do they respect your time? If they don’t give you their undivided attention during the interview, don’t expect to ever get it later on. Do they provide you with clarity regarding what it takes to succeed on the job? Do they demonstrate anger toward employees? Keep an eye out for red flags.

How to ditch one: If your boss seems horrid after you’re hired you have some options. The first is to find a new job. The wrong boss can make your job and life miserable, killing your self-esteem. Look internally and externally. Your success and happiness at work ultimately point to who you work for. Your next option? Deal with it and hope that you or your boss gets promoted or transferred. If the situation crosses the line to harassment, another option is to sue, but it’s not so easy. Employment attorney Albert Rizzo explains, “Today it is very easy for a prospective employer to check on a prospective employee’s litigious background — and if there is an employment suit in the background, it may close the door on any potential hire.”

What about HR? Another option that is typically dead-end involves human resources. Yes, HR is technically the watchdog of the organization to serve this very purpose, but in reality, it’s not effective in this role. Politics come into play and there’s gray area when it comes to proof.