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Interactive map lets you read all coverage of Pope Francis’ NYC visit


As Pope Francis makes his way from Washington, D.C. to visit New York City, there will be coverage of his visit from every news organization in the city. You can follow Metro’s coverage of Pope Francis in our special section.

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The good people over at Blockfeed – a startup company and the makers of a hyper local news app that aggregates stories based on geo-location–have created a special Pope Francis map that features all of the news coverage about the Pontiff’s visit. The idea is to have users pick a point on the map and be able to read a story about Pope Francis’ visit in New York City.

When you click on the different points on the map, the marker opens up to a story headline you can click on and read about Pope Francis from various news organizations. This feature will become handy when Pope Francis visits are particular location and you want to find out what’s happening at that time.

Blockfeed has been working on the Pope Francis project for weeks, so there are plenty of stories to check out. When he arrives in New York City, the map will be updated in real time as soon as new stories are published online.

To learn more about Blockfeed and check out other maps, head over to their blog.

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