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Is Casual on Hulu coming back?

Casual on Hulu
The cast of Casual. Hulu

Is Casual on Hulu coming back? The series, which first aired in 2015, follows the dating lives of newly divorced Valerie (Michaela Watkins) and her bachelor brother Alex (Tommy Dewey) as well as Valerie’s daughter Laura (Tara Lynne Barr). It was one of Hulu’s first forays into original programming, and was met with great critical response, especially for Watkins’ performance. The series has also graced us with a variety of amazing guest stars, from Eliza Coupe to, um, Chace Crawford. 

The end of the third season of acclaimed (albeit low-rated) series saw major changes for our protagonists: Alex discovered Rae (Maya Erskine) was pregnant after a drunken one-night-stand; and Val discovered that Laura had packed her bags and left for Sacramento, having chosen to live with her hippie grandmother Dawn (Frances Conroy). So what happens next for Hulu’s most dysfunctional family?

Is Casual on Hulu coming back?

Yes, indeed! Casual is set to return for a fourth and final season on Hulu.

Casual On Hulu Coming Back

Casual Season 4 Release Date

Casual Season 4 will drop on Hulu on July 31 — but instead of premiering episodes once a week, the abbreviated 8-episode season will be released all at once. So get ready to buckle in for some serious, hardcore bingeing.

Casual Season 4 Trailer

No trailer on the horizon yet for Casual season 4, but we’ll update as soon as there is one.

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