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Is Costco open on Christmas?

Is Costco open on Christmas?

There is something magical about this time of year. It seems like the whole world shuts down in the month of December in celebration of the holidays. But while this change of pace can be a nice tranquil reprieve from the madness of your everyday life, the world keeps turning and Murphy’s Law is still something that you should hold in the back of your mind as a possibility during Christmas. So where will you turn on the big day when you run out of essentials like food, home supplies, etc.? Is Costco open on Christmas Day? 

Is Costco open on Christmas Day? 

costco open on christmas

Is Costco open on Christmas? 

So as shred all of the carefully put together wrapping paper on all of those gifts underneath the tree only to find out that you are down to one last garbage bag. Is Costco open on Christmas Day? Well, as it breaks my heart to say this, Costco will, in fact, be closed on Christmas Day. As it turns out, the chain store takes a pretty understanding approach when it comes to their employees’ schedules, but does not have any sympathy for customers who need to get an economy sized package of diapers at 10 am on December 25th. 

Is Costco open on Christmas Eve? 

But, what about the night before? Is Costco open on Christmas Eve? Well, unlike Christmas Day, Costco will be open on Christmas Eve. But don’t get your hopes up! The store will only be open for limited hours throughout the day from 9 am to 5 pm. 

So make sure you write it down on your calendar or save an alert on your phone so you know exactly when is Costco open on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. As much as this time of year can fill your heart with joy, it can drain your home of the necessities you will need to host that family dinner party or to clean up after your children who are all hyped up from eating too much candy from their stockings.