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Is Dunkin Donuts open on Labor Day?

is dunkin donuts open on labor day
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Coffee drinkers all know that your caffeine needs don’t recognize holidays. There’s no magical energy that comes the morning of big events when you might not have time to grab your beloved brew. Even worse, they don’t quit when your go-to coffee shop might be closed. With a holiday right around the corner, it’s a cause for concern. So, is Dunkin Donuts open on Labor Day so you can get your morning jolt of liquid energy? We did the digging so you don’t have to when you wake up tired and under-caffeinated.

We know that nothing can beat that freshly-brewed cuppa, but at least Dunkin has bottled drinks available now that satisfy some of your cravings. But we know you might need the real stuff, in the biggest size possible, if you’re prepping for a big backyard bash — or taking the little ones out for a parade in the sun. We’re not ones to downplay caffeine needs around here.

So, when you roll out of bed on Monday morning, can you turn to this fan favorite? Is Dunkin Donuts open on Labor Day? Here’s what we found out with some digging.

Is Dunkin Donuts open on Labor Day?

Although you can easily buy the beans at the grocery store and brew your own Dunkin at home, there’s no need to. Dunkin is not only open on Labor Day but also ready to serve you your favorite caffeined cup the same hours as always. In fact, the only holiday on which they close is Christmas. (So maybe go ahead and make sure you know where to buy the beans for later.)

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So don’t sweat getting out the door for the parade or setting up if you’re hosting the backyard barbecue this year. Dunkin Donuts will be there to give you the boost you need to do it all with ease. Sorry, while they can put an iced coffee in your hand to help you cool off, they can’t do anything about the actual weather.


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