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Jamie Foxx let Ed Sheeran live with him one time

Jamie Foxx Baby Driver Premiere

Sometimes you discover that two celebrities that you didn’t know knew each other know each other and it blows your mind. And that’s what’s happening between Ed Sheeran, Jamie Foxx and me right now.

The Katie Holmes boyfriend denier went on “The Graham Norton Show” and revealed that he is partially responsible for Sheeran’s rise to fame. 

“Ed Sheeran slept on my couch. For six weeks before he was famous,” Foxx says. I’m sorry, what?

The 49-year-old singer/actor/comedian/seriously is there anything he can’t do confessed that he was so enthralled by Sheeran’s sheer talent, that he took him in under his wing. “I was doing a radio show in LA and it was a satellite show. He comes to my radio show and… he plays and he [was] incredible.”

So Foxx did what anybody rich mostly off of being featured on Kanye songs did — he took the kid in. And then he challenged Sheeran by bringing him to an open mic he hosted. “It was like 800 black people, it was all black,” he said. “So all of a sudden I say, ‘Ladies and gentleman, Ed Sheeran!’ He pops out with red hair and a ukulele… it was just like a movie.” Haven’t seen that film, but sure!

“I said, ‘Well let’s see what the kid has.’ He brought the house down with his ukulele skills, and the rest, as we know is history.” Ah yes, history. History is hearing that one Ed Sheeran song in grocery stores and in Ubers across America. 

Anyway, now we know that Jamie Foxx is the one to blame (or thank, your choice) for the omnipresence of one Ed Sheeran. Maybe next he’ll cop to being in a long-term relationship with Katie Holmes! I mean, might as well dream big.

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