Jeers and cheers welcome Trump’s inauguration as demonstrators plan events across US – Metro US

Jeers and cheers welcome Trump’s inauguration as demonstrators plan events across US

The Women’s March on Washington may be getting the most attention, but there will be plenty of other demonstrations planned in Washington, D.C., and across the country this week in preparation for the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president.

He will take the oath of office on Jan. 20.

Crowds in the nation’s capital aren’t expected to top the record 1.8 million who descended on D.C. in 2008 for President Barak Obama’s inauguration,but officials are still bracing for hundreds of thousands.

The largest protest will be the Women’s March, which will take place after the inauguration, on Jan 21, at 10 a.m. An estimated 200,000 people are expected to taked part, according to a First Amendment permit filed with the National Parks Service.The demonstrators will demand recognition for women’s rights and human rights, according to organizers.

For those who can’t make the trek to D.C., protesters in cities across the U.S. are planning to hold their own versions of the Women’s March, to take place on Jan. 21. Organizers are also inviting supporters across the nation to participate in a moment of silence at 1 p.m., on the day of the march.

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In Boston, the Women’s March is expecting 25,000 people, which would make it the city’s largest anti-Trump protest yet. Protesters will gather in Boston Common, stepping off at 11 a.m.

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In Philidelphia, the Women’s March will gather at 10 a.m. in Logan Square. More than 12,000 have responded on Facebook, saying they will attend.

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New York City marchers will step off at 11 a.m., from1 Dag Hammarskoljd Plaza, between East 47th and 48th streets, near the United Nations. More than 37,000 have RSVP’d on the event’s Facebook page.

A pro-marijuana group is organizing a rally in Washington, to take place during Trump’s inauguration speech. The group, called DCMJ, said it is planning to hand out “4,200 joints of legally-grown cannabis” on Inauguration Day. Organizers are inviting people to light up 4 minutes and 20 seconds into Trump’s inauguration speech. Voters legalized recreational marijuana in the district in 2014.

Protests planned for Washington, in the order they will take place:

  • Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Church on the Hill: Prayer vigil expecting 1,000 people on Jan. 17.
  • Exodus Foundation:Hosting an ongoing vigil up until Jan. 20 to push for “a mass release of nonviolent and overcharged persons before President Obama leaves office.”
  • #InaugurateTheResistance:A demonstration at the U.S. Navy Memorial on Jan. 20, with an expected 10,000 protesting against Trump.
  • Reform America:A rally about First Amendment rights and anti-abortion displays on Jan. 20. Twenty people are expected to attend.
  • DC Action Lab: Free speech demonstration calling for the new president to be progressive. About 10,000 people are expected to participate on Inauguration Day.
  • Real Progressives: First amendment rallyend to war and an end to corruption in politics on Jan. 20.
  • Mark Thompson: Inaugural renewal for Martin Luther King Jr. monument, expecting 20,000 on Jan. 20.
  • Bikers for Trump:A demonstration to celebrate Trump is expected to draw 5,000 on Inauguration Day.
  • Lauren Footman: A rally to show unity and the need for a just society with about 100 people on Jan. 20.
  • #J20Resist:First Amendment gathering on Jan. 20 by the People’s Power Assembly against racism, sexism and oppression, expecting 5,000 at several locations around D.C.
  • Westboro Baptist Church: A Jan. 20 rally condemning same-sex marriage and idol worshipping, expecting 20 people.
  • The Gathering for Justice:Rally for women’s rights on Jan. 21, expecting 200,000.
  • American Constitution Society: Demonstration for American unity, expecting 50,000 people the day after Trump’s inauguration.
  • Petition for End the Politics of Division:A call to Trump to be a “president of equality,” 200 to attend Jan. 21.
  • The Girl’s Lounge: To host candlelit vigil to commemorate women’s suffrage Jan. 21 with about 500 attendees.
  • Victoria Dunn: 100 marchers will gather in Sherman Circle in solidarity with the women’s march on Washington on Jan. 21.
  • Progressive Independent Party:A liberal activist group that requested two permits for a total of 15,000 demonstrators to use of various parks around the city during several days surrounding the inauguration.
  • March for Life Education and Defense Fund 2017:An anti-abortion march on the Roe v. Wade anniversary on Jan. 27. Organizers expect 50,000 marchers.

Most of these organizations were still waiting on final approval of permits by the National Parks Service.